Dynamic Augmented Assembly 


TheArtistMarie creates abstract 3-D public installations. Highly technical, her work is deep rooted in cubism and triangulation. She uses a variety of techniques to cut, fold and reconstruct recycled material such as cardboard, wood, paint, tape into geometric shapes, which are then meticulously assembled into intricate lattices and sweeping planes. Combining a dynamic level of complexity and intricate perspective. TheArtistMarie’s work walks the fine line of chaos, yet brings perfect moments of clarity

Vertical Horizon 

In TheArtistMarie’s new painting series Vertical Horizon; cities are seen from enormous heights in a dizzying downward fish-eye perspective. With this new form of cityscapes, TheArtistMarie brilliantly uses the method of subtracting paint from the canvas rather then adding it. Converging lines create an imaginary metropolis that thrust its viewers into an exhilarating free fall. These captivating works are meant to evoke an adrenaline pumping sense of vertigo.